The Future of Mobile Payments

Split and pay your bill easily and efficiently.

Arc is a revolutionary Mobile Payment Platform that empowers consumers and merchants with direct and secure payments all in the palm of their hand. We take the headache out of the payment process by making it faster, cheaper and more secure for both consumers and merchants.


What is Arc

What: Arc Mobile is a revolutionary mobile payment platform, improving the payment process at restaurants for both merchant and consumer.

How: Based upon the pains of payment processes, we researched new solutions, and are now innovating in the industry. We have built a novel, efficient, and secure platform that links your mobile phone directly to the payment system at restaurants.

Why: At Arc, we know your time is valuable. We have designed a system that is fast, secure, and extremely efficient. We have given you, the user, control over how and when you pay your bill during your meal.
Need to split the dining bill? Now you can do just that with the touch of a finger. Arc is loaded with key features that allow you to do your math and pay your bill in seconds, and get you back to focusing on your food and dining experience.

When: We have piloted in Chicago, and are looking to launch in Summer 2013.

Where: Check us out at Untitled (111 W Kinzie) and Union Sushi (230 W Erie).


Where is Arc


Arc was built by
Merchants for Merchants

Save Money. Arc Mobile’s secure, authenticated platform provides restaurants with a better way to prevent and fight chargebacks. By keeping digital records of every transaction, and by adding a PIN to authenticate the charge, Arc saves you the time and money you spend fighting fraud.

Save Time. From bill splitting to quick and secure credit card acceptance, Arc’s innovative features are designed to save your business time and make the payment process easier.

Save Face. Real-time consumer feedback enables restaurants to take any corrective or affirmative action before the consumer has reached the door. Consumers are prompted and encouraged to leave feedback as soon as the payment is complete.
Arc gives restaurant customers the power to process their own bill, so servers can spend less time at the POS system and more time attending their tables. When consumers want to pay with their credit cards, Arc sends the information directly to your POS, allowing your team freedom to get back to work.

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